Company history

Established in 1979, Bulrush is a leading producer of high-quality substrates for both professional and amateur growers. Based in Northern Ireland, Bulrush is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danish substrate producer, Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S. Pindstrup was established in 1905 and has production facilities in Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Brazil with sales offices in China, the USA and many other countries around the globe.

Peat reduction and Forest Gold

We are striving to find economically viable alternatives to peat which are available in sufficient volumes and capable of performing at the levels that you would expect from our products. Our R&D team are working hard on the challenge and have a number of on-going projects, the most high profile of which has been the development of Forest Gold, which is now an important ingredient in most of our products.

Forest Gold is a natural, timber derived material that improves growing performance to deliver healthier plants and is the industry's leading peat alternative. Click here to learn more about Forest Gold.

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