Factory facilities, production and distribution

State of the art production and packing facilities 

Bulrush has continually invested in state of the art, automated, efficient production and packing lines. 

Our modern production and packing procedures ensure Bulrush products are produced in a fresh, clean, pristine condition. All products are hooded to protect against inclement weather during storage and transportation.

We are the only substrate manufacturer in the UK to use a unique batch mixing system, and we were also the first substrate manufacturer in the world to be awarded the ISO 9000 quality management standard (BS EN ISO 9001:2008).

Substantial stocks of retail products are held to meet seasonal demands and these can usually be dispatched within a few days of the order being received.

A number of standard grower products are held in stock to meet the spring demand which can be dispatched at relatively short notice. Special products are made to order* and are dispatched to meet the requirements of the grower customers.

*Minimum production quantities required.

Tel: 028 7938 6555

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