Forest Gold

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What is Forest Gold?

Forest Gold is a timber derived alternative to peat produced from woodchips from FSC® certified sources.


Forest Gold is specially impregnated with nutrients to provide a slow release fertiliser source to all crops for healthy root development and superior plant growth.


Apart from acting as a peat alternative, the inclusion of Forest Gold also improves growing performance. In extensive trials we have found that plants perform better in Forest Gold mixes than in conventional 100% peat mixes.



Woodchips before production

What are the benefits of Forest Gold?

The inclusion of Forest Gold has a number of major benefits, apart from acting as a peat dilutant:-

  • Superior Root Growth: Forest Gold improves the physical structure of the substrate promoting faster root growth and plant establishment and allowing better water absorption.


The plant on the left shows superior root growth when used with Forest Gold

  • Bigger, healthier plants: In independent trials Forest Gold mixes performed better than conventional 100% peat mixes, growing bigger, healthier plants due to better physical structure and levels of nutrition
  • Improved water holding capacity: The addition of Forest Gold creates a much improved water holding capacity in the substrate and allows for greater nutrient levels to be incorporated, extending the period before supplementary feeding is needed.
  • Responsibly sourced: The wood chips used to produce Forest Gold are sourced from FSC® certified sources. License code: C020031
  • Lightweight: Forest Gold is lighter than peat, making products lighter to carry and also reducing energy consumption during transport.

Forest Gold blended with peat


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