Forest Gold

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What is Forest Gold?

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Forest Gold is a natural, fibrous timber derived material produced with locally sourced wood chips.

These wood chips are heated to high temperatures and spun into well-defined fibres using high pressure steam – a process that ensures the material is free from weeds, diseases and harmful organisms. 

We call this material Forest Gold

Improved physical characteristics

Pind-fg-002Apart from acting as a peat alternative, we have found that the inclusion of Forest Gold improves the physical characteristics of substrates. High-end growers from around the world have found a number of key benefits for plants when using Forest Gold:

  • Consistent quality with structural stability
  • Superior root growth
  • Improved air/water ratio and drainage
  • Improved water distribution and dry surface
  • Lightweight substrate


bul-cat-fg-3We add Forest Gold to all standard potting mixes and to most crop-specific mixes, at a standard addition rate of 20-40%.

To find out how Forest Gold can improve your substrate please contact you local trade contact.


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