Soft fruit mixes

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Strawberry mixes

The bulrush range of strawberry modules has been formulated using carefully selected screened sphagnum peat to give optimum AFP which allows the crop to grow successfully over winter, if required.

A low level of base fertiliser is added to facilitate initial rooting.

Sizes of bags range from 0.5m to 1m long.

Bulrush can cut both planting and irrigation holes to the pattern required by specific growers.

For those growers who require peat-reduced/peat-free production, coir/coco peat and our Forest Gold Plus wood fibre is available in any of the module sizes.

Substrate options

  • 100% peat
  • Peat/coir blends
  • Peat/Forest Gold Plus blends
  • 100% coir

All substrates are available in the following pack sizes:

  • 4.0m3 mega bales or large semi-bulk bags
  • 2.0m3 small semi-bulk bags
  • 80 litre bags

Raspberry and Blueberry mixes

Bulrush offers an excellent range of crop specific substrates for producing the above crops in containers.

Open sphagnum peat, with high AFP, is used in these mixes that are formulated for a minimum of 2 to 3 years use. Controlled release fertilisers can be incorporated at the grower’s request.

Propagation mixes

For strawberries either as misted tops or tray plant propagation, Bulrush can offer various recipes to suit individual grower requirements.

Recipes have been formulated to ensure excellent root and plant establishment.

Controlled release fertilisers can also be added if requested.


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