Ongoing projects

Bulrush Horticulture Ltd have shown a continued commitment to R&D and each year a series of projects are partnered into or set up independently. At the present time the type of work areas being looked at or participated in include:

  1. Defra/AHDB work on a five year program of the development of alternative materials for use in substrate mixes. This project is led by ADAS,
  2. Work for the AHDB as a partner and funder in a HONS project on the monitoring of the state of health of plants on nurseries by the use of pieces of equipment compared to having full laboratory analysis, this is a three year project,
  3. Work with Lancaster University on the Development of mixes to encourage the rooting of young plants to help assist with their early transplanting. Project part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland co financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
  4. Work with the University of Lincoln on the monitoring of nutrition of Poinsettia in relation to different growing environment and with different varieties of Poinsettia,
  5. Work with ADAS at the Bedding and Pot plant centre in Warwickshire on the nutrition of ‘Verbena’ in relation to leaf tip burning and scorch,
  6. Work with Royal Holloway College on the use of Mycorrhiza colonisation of plants,
  7. Support of the AHDB/RHS Post Doc fellowship at Wisley, aimed at producing the next generation of substrate scientists,
  8. Joint investigation experiments at Greenmount College NI on the use of various CRF type fertilizers,
  9.  Assessment work on the use of AD fibre from a variety of UK sources, this includes collaborative work at the Cut Flower Centre,
  10. Investigation of the criteria for winter hardiness of containerised trees, in relation to fertilizer inputs.

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