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Through our parent company Pindstrup, Bulrush can also supply high-quality Baltic substrates directly to UK Growers.

The young Baltic, light peats used bring different qualities to the characteristics of the substrates and are especially suited to modern glasshouse production techniques and handling by mechanical transplanting equipment.

The high AFP (Air Filled Porosity) and very good water management qualities have made these substrates particularly popular for pot plant and bedding production.

Our range of Baltic substrates available in the following pack sizes:

  • 5.0m3-6.0m3 big bales
  • 320 Litres and 300 Litres compressed bales

And, available in the following grades:

  • 0-3mm
  • 0-6mm
  • 3-6mm
  • 0-10mm
  • 3-10mm
  • 0-20mm
  • 0-35mm
  • 0-40mm
  • 5-20mm
  • 5-40mm
  • 7-12mm
  • 7-20mm
  • 10-30mm
  • 10-40mm
  • 20-40mm

Learn more about Pindstrup products here: www.pindstrup.com


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